Building on Jasper Architects’ resort experience, the 19,866 m2 / 213,835.84 ft2 design is inspired by elements of the natural sandy landscape and the textures, shapes, colors, and soft curvilinear geometries of the dunes. The concept proposes an immersive oasis to arrive and observe the desert from within.

Jasper Architects’ architecture is designed according to the topography of the surrounding. A circular roof folds down in a radial array, following the undulations of the desert dunes and creating room for private units. Perforations in the roof allow for direct visible connections from the inside to the desert's sky. In the center, common areas create a comfortable, relaxed environment where collective gathering happens.

Each private unit has a unique view that allows guests to enjoy a direct connection with the desert. The units have a spa salon, a private swimming pool, and common living spaces. The roof’s touchpoints between each unit create access to the roof through molded stairs, creating yet another spectacular place for guests to see, experience and marvel at Kuwait’s desert landscape.