Nestling a Car-Free Resort
within an
Idyllic Oceanfront Setting

The client for the new Rincón Retreat in the Dominican Republic, near Samaná, sought a design that would integrate existing culture through architecture, materiality and lifestyle.

Jasper Architects has designed private one- and two-room bungalows, a social pavilion, a beach club and a staff house, connecting all constructed environments via a pathway through the jungle. With a focus on ecology and tranquility, the only motorized movement at the resort is an electric golf cart.

View of Rincon Retreat from the water, View of the two-room Bungalow

If taking a break from the private infinity pools in each unit or massage and meditation rooms, “secret places” are sited on cliffs and areas with more remote access, providing additional views of the ocean and surrounding landscape.

The buildings are concrete clad in horizontal marble stone and wood cladding.