Transforming a Centrally Located
Shopping Center into a Creative Workplace

Being re-developed Signa Holding GmbH, Austria’s largest privately owned real estate company, the 700,000 square foot (65,000 square meters) Up! Berlin originally built as a shopping center in East Berlin in 1979 will be reimagined for retail and office-use space, such as the headquarters of an online fashion retailer.

Upon completion in late 2019, the development will provide the Ostbahnhof neighborhood with community amenities including places to eat, a doctor’s office and comfortable public space.

Before and After: Kaufhof am Ostbahnhof, Berlin, Under Construction

Jasper Architects won the project through a design competition in 2016, seeing an opportunity to strip the 262 x 262 feet (80 x 80 meters) square building down to its structural concrete columns and floor plates, then cutting a triangle in the center to flood the interior with natural light.

Additional triangular cuts on all four facades as well as a strategic terracing and twisting of the floors, creates further access to light and optimizes views to the surrounding area. All levels have access to outdoor spaces for working, entertaining and relaxing.

Wrapped in high-quality glass, what was once an interior-focused shopping center has been reimagined as an outwardly-focused center for productivity, creativity and community.